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Switches (Sad Machine)

A decade since the release of their debut album 'I'll Be Your Audience', Hip Parade are back with some brand new songs. The band may have long ago closed the guitar cases for the last time.  Those performances on Channel 4, iconic venues like Wembely and unforgettable festival appearances like T in the Park may now be faded to memory, but theres a few gems we have dusted off that never made it out of the recording studio. Until now that is. 

The doors re-opened with the big lickin' 'All the Bad Kids' in late 2022. This was followed with the lofi chill of 'Wasted Time' in May and there's still more yet to come. Hip Parade will release their 3rd single post split in November and this time its an entirely whole new sound!!!

You can pre-order the limited edition 4 track CD right now. The EP features the lead track 'Switches (Sad Machine)', 'Switches (EightyTwo remix)', Hip Parades last 2 singles 'All the Bad Kids' and 'Wasted Time'. 

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1. Switches (Sad Machine)
2. Switches (Sad Machine) - Hip Parade vs EightyTwo
3. Wasted Time
4. All the Bad Kids


May 2023: Our new single 'Wasted Time' is out now

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The brilliant EightyTwo has remixed our new single. Also available from November 1st

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Nov 2022: 'All the Bad Kids' is out now

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Jun 2022: 'Katie Goes Dancing' 10th anniversary re-release is streaming now

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June 2022: 'I'll Be Your Audience' turns 10!

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